Fundraising News

In 2016 we supported the following research programs to the tune of £13,870. We

wanted to utilize funds raised over the years and held in our bank account put to

good use. This figure is on top of the £5000 we gave for research last year.

We cannot emphasize how grateful we are to yourselves and the local community in

making this possible.We will also continue to support local people who wish to go

on Diabetes UK care events, either family weekends or week long events for

children as well as regular meetings. Any suggestions are always very welcome.

Supported Projects were :

Targeting islet inflammation ex vivo and following transplantation –

Prof James Shaw, Newcastle University £5k

Pilot study for the evaluation of the safety of a novel immune-isolating

device for immunosuppression free islet transplantation –

Dr Pratik Choudhary, King’s College London £5k

Optimizing islet engraftment for long term function in Type 1 diabetes –

Dr Shareen Forbes – University of Edinburgh Bal:£3870

Locally we are pleased to continue to support the childrens diabetic clinic at Princess University Hospital. This year they have requested Ipads for children to interact with using the excellent Carbs and Cals App. In the past we have purchased dietary visual aids and Carbs and Cals books. We are also very keen to support families and individuals to go on Type 1 courses run by Diabetes Uk. This years events can be found here: