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Your Entitlements

The first is (DLA) Disability Living Allowance. This is a benefit that is paid to the children because they have diabetes. It is not means tested so it does not matter how much money you earn. It may have been mentioned to you at the hospital when your child was first diagnosed but this is not always the case.

Various websites for you to look at are and search for disability living allowance. Diabetes UK also have their own page detailing how to fill out one of these forms for a child with diabetes. It is very useful. Go on to: and go to the search button. Click the button that says search entire site and in the search box enter DLA for children. This should bring up the page you need, click on this and all the information you require should be to hand. You may also find information on how to apply for DLA from your Local Authority website.

15 healthcare essentials

The 15 healthcare essentials campaign outlines the 15 diabetes checks or services that every person with diabetes should receive or have access to.

Another site you can look at is: This is a cinema card which is issued to the child for a fee of £5.50. This means whoever takes the child to the cinema gets in for free. You pay for the child. This is valid for one year. To be entitled to this you the child has to be in receipt of  DLA. Full details of this card is on the above website.